Maintenance Request

What is a maintenance emergency?
A maintenance emergency is one that is dangerous, threatens the habitability of the home, or could cause damage to the property. Emergencies include:

  • Fire – call 911 immediately, then contact us at 678-487-7896 option 3.
  • Gas leak – if you smell gas, please exit the home and immediately call the fire department. Once the home is safe, please contact us so we can fix the issue
  • Electrical issues– sparking, fire (call 911), smoke, overheated fixtures
  • Lack of Heat – if it poses a documented health risk
  • Lack of Air Conditioning – if it poses a documented health risk
  • Heavy Structural Damage –  roof, foundation or walls
  • Plumbing – flooding or breakdown of fixtures

    To report an emergency maintenance issue, please call 678-487-7896 Option 3. If you place an emergency maintenance request, we’ll contact you as quickly as possible, however, please allow up to 2 hours for us to respond.

How do I place a service request?
You may place a service request online Here.  You may either place a new service request or check the status of an existing request.

While every service request is important to us, depending on the number of requests in your area, it may take us some time to respond and resolve the maintenance issue.  We work to address each issue as quickly as possible, however, please allow up to 24 hours to be contacted regarding a non-emergency maintenance request and up to 2 hours to respond to an emergency maintenance issue.